the modern
conference room

Global edge is the leader in video telepresence
software and boardroom design


Next generation
business meeting

Regular business meetings are boring and a thing of
the past, welcome to the future,
the Global Edge future.


They call it
The private jet
of the boardroom

That's because when you teleconference with the most cutting edge equipment in the industry, you feel like you're flying. In a jet. A private jet.

Business and leadership is all about communication, and quality is key when it comes to communication

We are focused on Harvard office of the future design since 2009 and we share all the best practices and success stories.  We are a boutique firm dedicated to helping CEOs secure business, increase revenue and reduce travel costs.

Work with us, and we will dramatically improve your communications, which is the very basis of all business, from top to bottom. What we offer always goes above and way beyond expectations to make sure that you stay happy, because we’ve been through it all and we know what clients expect. It’s that simple.

Gain SPEED and increase market share!

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They call it the board room of the future

And it’s not for nothing. Though typical luxury teleconferencing equipment is very costly and requires expensive maintenance, we give it all to you at a fraction of the cost.

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It comes down to time and money

Cut down on travel and setup time and costs. Our clients see aminimum of 25% savings in just this area.

Immersion and presence is fundamental

Better streaming allows for better communication. Everyone’s heard about how important body language is. Don’t miss a thing.

Full, easy to use packages

We’ve got better hardware, and faster software than anyone else, not to mention ongoing coaching, support, and tech updates – all included, because thats what it takes.


Referred by PricewaterhouseCoopers Fortune 500 list for reducing costs and bringing efficiency to the management process, and nominated by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for being part of the 50 Canadian companies with the highest potential.

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